Catherine Johnson is available for making a presentation to your civic group, development team, planning & zoning commission, property owners, the general public or school class. Please contact Catherine at (860) 343-1611 or to discuss a speaking engagement.

Here are a few topics and previous presentations that may interest you:


What is Traditional Neighborhood Design? 

What is Smart Growth?

Transforming the Typical Suburban Strip into a Walkable Neighborhood

The Basics of Form-Based Codes

Making a Successful Main Street - The Rules of Retail

Basic Design Guidelines to Creating Safe, Welcoming Streets

Storefront Facade Renovations 

Flexible Buildings & Small Scale Development

Renovating Buildings on Small Budgets 


School Presentations:

What are Buildings Made Of? (Kindergarten)

How to Read Maps   (2nd Grade)

What Makes A Neighborhood? (5th-8th grade)

What is Smart Growth?  (High School)